What To Expect From A Chiropractor In Norwest?

Chiropractor in Norwest doing a neck adjustment to a female patient

What To Expect From A Chiropractor In Norwest?

Wondering what to expect from a chiropractor in Norwest? If you haven’t attended one before then you might not know what to expect or what exactly it is that they do. Generally, if you’re going to one it is because you are struggling with musculoskeletal pain or injury.

Most practitioners will begin by getting a complete history and overview of the condition you are suffering from and the symptoms you have been experiencing. They will generally begin your session with an examination to help them try to work out what structures in your body are involved. If your chiropractor in Norwest realised that your pain or injury is related to your musculoskeletal system then they will ensure that they treat the area or they will refer you to the right kind of specialist if it is not musculoskeletal in nature.

What do they do on a daily basis?

So, what’s involved in the daily job of a chiropractor in Norwest? Typically, they will carry out consultations and treatments of their patients. Most consultations will begin with a physical exam to try and work out what the issue is so that your chiropractor in Norwest can try to work out a treatment plan for you. Your practitioner will assess how you move and may even order an X-ray to identify what it going on in your body. Once they feel comfortable that they know what the issue is they will come up with a plan to effectively treat you and schedule you in for an adjustment.

What is an adjustment?

Your chiropractor in Norwest may treat you with an adjustment to try and correct your issue or provide you with some pain relief. Adjustments typically involved mobilising your joints to correct their position. Not every issue should be treated with an adjustment, if you have bone health issues or certain kinds of pain then this type of movement may not be healthy for your body.

What is the purpose of adjustments?

Modern life is difficult on the human body. We are not designed to sit for many hours a day at an office or to spend a lot of time staring at screen or travelling in cars and public transport. It’s little wonder that we find our bodies are in pain or develop postural issues as a result of spending so much time in positions that are less than ideal for our bodies. Adjustments are designed to release some of this stress on our bodies to treat pain or discomfort or to put things back into their proper alignment.

What kinds of therapies are used?

If you know much about chiropractic treatments then you probably immediately think about spinal adjustments which is how many practitioners have traditionally operated in the past. Modern-day practitioners however do a lot more than just spinal adjustments, they perform a lot of therapies to try and treat pain. You can expect your chiropractor in Norwest to look at your joints, hips, ankles, wrists, shoulder and knees depending on the issue you report. When coming up with a treatment plan to meet your needs, your practitioner may choose to use numerous techniques to try and help you including adjustments designed to stretch, strength or rehabilitate you. They may also use electrotherapy techniques and may come up with plans that include nutritional plans, muscular releases and other mobilisations.

What to consider before attending an appointment

Before you go to an appointment make sure you check the licenses your chiropractor in Norwest holds as it’s very important that they have the correct qualifications and training to work on you.

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