Space-saving ideas for your home:

Space-saving ideas for your home:

Whether your home is big or small, we’re all looking out for nooks and corners in our home to implement space-saving ideas! Not only do these ideas save space, but boy, don’t they look cool?

So here we go, with some super space saving ideas for your home!

The mug hanger:
Rather than creating a separate cabinet or those favorite mugs of yours occupying space in the cabinet, create a mug hanger – you’re free to make the board as big as you want with as many hooks you require. Hang the mugs in here, and you’ll realize how much of space those mugs were occupying in the cabinet! A space-saving idea, there are also great to hang your mugs immediately after you wash them.

Kitchen platform extension:
You can easily add a roll-out extension below your kitchen platform. This will not only add to workspace but will also double up as a dining table( something which remains to be a dream in small kitchens!) These pull-out platforms can be added anywhere you wish to – if you already have a dining table in your kitchen you could add these extensions to the table too.

Vertical bookshelf:
Take any empty vertical corner in your home and use it! Don’t go for the elaborate book/random artifacts shelf, which is usually horizontal and space-occupying  – pile up your shelf in line with the corner and keep as many things as you want along with space. Design the shelves as per your requirements – extra shelves never go waste – especially of you love hoarding books!

Cabinets above washers, dryers:
Why waste the space above the washer and dryer – especially if you have front load machines! Use the area to store the clothes you’ve dried and stored. You could even systematically place all the toiletries there. You could use it for anything you wish to!

A quick tip:
If you’re running out space horizontally, use up space vertically. You’ve got plenty reaching the ceiling; you can easily use the space for all the cabinets, hangers, shelves you want to add in your home. Also, to make your home look nice and bright, open up the windows, let the light come in! Apart from this, you need to ensure your walls are painted in lighter tones to reflect more light and make the room look bigger and brighter. And yes, don’t implement any ideas you randomly see on the internet – check of the idea suits your home and then start off with it.

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