Space-saving furniture ideas:

Space-saving furniture ideas:

With the size of apartments shrinking, we’re all on a lookout for ideas to maximize the available space and make the most of it. You cannot really get away with the essential furniture – yet you wonder how all of it will fit in your tiny home. In such cases, it’s best to go with the space-saving furniture which will not only ensure you have all of it in your home but will also make the most of the space you have.

Read on for ideas:

Extendable kitchen table:
This table doubles up as a kitchen workspace as well as a dining table when required. Instead of having a kitchen island ( which is  otherwise not possible in your tiny kitchen) you can opt for this movable table which has multiple uses. You can also use it as a work table (for work apart from the kitchen) – in short; this extendable table has multiple uses!

Bench cum Shoe rack:
Why have a shoe rack and then a separate bench to sit on to put on your shoes? Get a custom made the bench-shoe rack, as per the size if your doorway which will easily accommodate your shoes and also work well as an extra seat for a couple of people. Place it below your coat hanger in the hallway, and you’re good to go.

Storage couch:
Why waste the precious area occupied by the bulky couch in your drawing room? Get a couch with storage below it  – you can store a hundred things under the couch itself! And it won’t even be visible! All the clutter will be tucked safely under your couch. You can also store books below this couch – so yes, you’re in for a multipurpose storage compartment!

Dining set with ottomans instead of chairs:
What good are those chairs –especially when they have no other use apart from sitting on comfortable? Instead, opt for this dining set with ottomans – and these ottomans double up as storage compartments too! Isn’t it wonderful to have a cute dining set that doesn’t even occupy a lot of space?

Under-sink storage:
Every home has this area, which is totally idle! Reason? How can I use the space below the sink?! Well, you can! Get a custom made rack that perfectly fits below your sink. You can store all your soaps, napkins and other toiletries here! Why let this precious space go unused?

There you go – we hope you loved these ideas!

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