How To Look Great In Men’s Glasses

Businessman wearing a pair of men’s glasses

How To Look Great In Men’s Glasses

Time to get a new pair of men’s glasses? Some people worry that it’s a look they can’t pull off but truthfully, every man can rock men’s glasses if they know how to pick a flattering style. Want to know how to make them work for you? Read our list of tips below.

Be confident about the look

Sometimes people will feel a bit self-conscious about wearing a new pair of specs, but there’s no need to worry. There’s a pair of men’s glasses out there to suit just about everybody and if you pick the right design for your face then you will undoubtedly find that they can transform your style. New frames can make you look smarter, sexier or even edgier. If your worried that men’s glasses won’t suit you then you should know that studies have shown that people will actually perceive you to be smarter if you’re wearing them. In general, the perception of you being smarter usually leads to people thinking that you will be more successful and can actually help with things like job interviews. People will perceive you to have a higher level of credibility, professionalism and trustworthiness when you wear a nice pair of specs.

Think about buying online

A lot of people will head in store when buying new men’s glasses, but a great tip is to look for deals online. Online stores often have much lower prices because they cut out distributors and allow you to get them straight from the manufacturer. You’ll also find a lot of options available online, many of which you won’t find in a bricks and mortar retail store. You will also find that ordering online is much more convenient than going instore, not only does it save you time because you don’t have to drive in, you’ll also find that turnaround and delivery is generally quicker. Online stores are making it much easier and more affordable to buy eyewear than it has been in the past. Just make sure you check the return policy and manufacturers guarantee first before you go ahead with buying your new eyewear.

Find the right frames

When choosing new men’s glasses it is very important that you find the right frames for your face. Not all styles will be flattering on your face. It’s a good idea to try a few different styles on to find a style that frames your face nicely. When looking for frame you’ll want to take into account what your face shape is, for instance do you have a diamond shaped face? If this is the case then rounder frames are more likely to suit your face. Rounder faces on the other hand look better with rectangular more structured shapes. Square faces are also better off with rounder shapes whilst oval faces look great with symmetrical more structured eyewear.

You will also want to think about frame colours. What is most flattering on your face? Some colours are more conservative and will be more suitable for an office environment, like gold, silver and black, whilst other more adventurous shades might be a good idea for students, those in creative fields or just for everyday use outside of work.

Protect your lenses and frames

One of the most important things to remember is that eyewear needs to be protected, otherwise you might find that it becomes scratched and damage. An anti-scratch coating can stop your lenses from getting scratched whilst a protective case can ensure that your eyewear doesn’t get damaged when you’re not wearing it on your face.

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