How to Correctly Fix Your Fake Grass

fake grass in Sydney

How to Correctly Fix Your Fake Grass

Fake grass has taken over communities and cities as gardens are being dug up and replaced with artificial grass. One cannot even readily tell the differences between the real grass from the fake one. The fake one mimics not just the colour and shape of grass blades but also eliminates the need for trimming. The fake grass is being used everywhere by people with pets and children to avoid dirt and muddiness, people who are elderly and don’t have the time and strength to mow, schools with children and playgrounds, some football pitches, etc. 

Advantages of fake grass 

Many benefits come with installing this type of grass in your homes, schools, or offices. The following are some of the reasons why people choose fake grass in Sydney over natural grass.

  •  Longevity: Your synthetic turf can last long. Some could last for over 10 years, reaching almost 15 years. Thanks to the producers who have worked hard over the years to find the best solution to not only making your grass durable but also making it last longer. 
  • Saves time and energy: When you install fake grass, you replace time for mowing, weeding, watering, or fertilizing with other important things to do. It also preserves your health as you don’t need to spray any of those harmful pesticides. 
  • They are environmentally friendly: Installing this grass is safe for our environment, as millions of pounds of chemicals are being used as pesticides to care for natural grass. These are harmful chemicals that can harmfully affect our health. Installing artificial grass eliminates the need to use them. 
  • Low amount of carbon emissions: The emissions from a push mower and a riding mower are higher in amounts than emissions from 40 cars and above combined. Using artificial grass is much safer. 
  • Conservation of water: It doesn’t need watering. Therefore, it saves water, time, and energy. Furthermore, artificial grass gives a high aesthetic value. 

Installing it 

To install the grass doesn’t require much skill. Follow the steps below to install your grass. 

Step one

Choose the right grass for your garden. While it’s tempting to go for cheaper products, please don’t. It won’t last long, plus it will cost you more money in the long run. Secondly, choose the one that appeals to your visual senses more. 

Step two

Now that you’ve found the perfect game grass for your use, it’s time you bought the right tools. You’ll need a retractable knife, tape measure, carpet stretcher, knee pads, galvanized U-pins, and gloves.

Step three

Excavate the floor you want to use for about 75 to 80mm deep. 

Step four

After you’ve excavated the floor, install the first layer of your fake grass called the “weed membrane”. Fasten it to any solid structure around, such as your fence or paving. 

Step five 

Now is time to fasten the sub base. You should use a compacter to achieve this if it’s a large area and add an aggregate of 70 mm.

Step six 

Now it’s time to apply the second layer of weed membrane. Ensure you secure it around the edges before you now install the fake grass. 

Don’t expect your fake grass to settle almost immediately. It may take at least 2 months to achieve that!

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