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  • First and foremost, you have to determine that if you are building a pool for swimming purposes or if you want just to treat it as a swimming pond. If you want it to be like wild swimming with a lot of plants and low tech with a pond like an appearance, then a swimming pond is the best one for you. These will truly emulate a wild and fun swimming experience but are undoubtedly complex to build structurally because they need a very specific design, and the characteristics need to be planned perfectly. On the other hand, if you want it to be 100% chemical free, clean and clear water and also wildlife free swimming pool, then you need to build a natural pool.

    Here are a few suggestions as to how you can easily build a pool.

    1. You should keep the design simple. Keep the bespoke design features to a proper minimum. While stone walls and shallows look amazing with water features, they will surely add to your expense and also a lot of difficulties in the construction of your pool.
    2. Go with a proper flat bottom for your pool. This means a very simple dig and a one level foundation for all the walls, which is much easier. It is also a lot easier to clean.
    3. Avoid too many fittings to your pool. The pool can have inlets and outlet pipes showing and you may think that think that this could ruin the look. But you can easily blend it with the vibe of the pool. Some pool fittings are not too expensive, but you should remember waterproofing the pool proves to be the hardest part of the job, and it is best to avoid too many fittings which could possibly breach the waterproofing if you are indeed doing this without proper labor.
    4. Don’t make it too deep. No normal human would be more than 6- 61/2 feet tall, so it is advisable that you make the pool 6-7 feet deep. Going too deep can prove to be problematic.
    5. Make sure that you move away from prefabricated or concrete pool walls. You should use stone or sandbags to form walls. This needs a good and skill to make it look good.
    6. Use a bore well/ borehole or a well if you have one. Get some advice from an experienced individual when you are doing this.
    7. Make sure that you have a sure drainage plan. Poorly planned pool drainage is a problem because the pool could overflow into your garden or cause some other problems if you don’t have a drainage plan. It will also be a problem to get the water cleaned properly.

  • Our homes are the one place we can go to after we have had a long day, when we are tired, we look forward to reaching our home and curl up comfortably in a good book or in a great TV show or movie. Our pets are so happy to see us and our families welcome us home with open arms, expressing happiness that we are home. Obviously, no one’s home is perfect, but it can be, with some additions and some brilliant fixtures you can have the dream house that everyone longs for.

    Here is a list of a couple of things that can be added to your property that will make you glad to own a home like that.

    1. A sauna or a steam room: A sauna is a room where the temperature of the room is increased so that you can sweat out all the water weight, which is actually unnecessary for the body. The steam has the same principle, but there is steam involved. Steams helps in relieving blocked noses and also helps when you are sick. It has a way of making sure that your body has been rid of any surfacing toxins. It is an excellent way to detoxify your body. These are indeed not that cheap, they do take up as much space as a walk-in closet, but they pair perfectly with the next item on this list.
    2. A home gym would be the perfect addition to your home. All you would need is as much space as a regular sized room. You add an in a home gym at the same price or at a cheaper price that the steam room. Imagine, after an amazing and satisfying workout, you can use the steam room and completely decompress in there after the stress of the day.
    3. A pool and Jacuzzi: All you would need is 10-20 feet of space in your backyard. You can hire pool installers to install a beautiful pool and have your very own private paradise, right in your backyard. All of the entries in this list, including the pool, can easily relieve you of any stress that you may have. It is the perfect way to end your day; work hard all day, get in a great workout in the home gym, step out for a quick swim or a chill session in the Jacuzzi and then go into the steam to chuck out all the stress.
    4. A home theatre system will transform your home into a mini-theatre, right there in your living. Make sure you have a large TV or a projector. You will have a cinema-like experience whenever you want to watch a TV show or a movie.

  • With the size of apartments shrinking, we're all on a lookout for ideas to maximize the available space and make the most of it. You cannot really get away with the essential furniture – yet you wonder how all of it will fit in your tiny home. In such cases, it's best to go with the space-saving furniture which will not only ensure you have all of it in your home but will also make the most of the space you have.

    Read on for ideas:

    Extendable kitchen table: This table doubles up as a kitchen workspace as well as a dining table when required. Instead of having a kitchen island ( which is  otherwise not possible in your tiny kitchen) you can opt for this movable table which has multiple uses. You can also use it as a work table (for work apart from the kitchen) – in short; this extendable table has multiple uses! Bench cum Shoe rack: Why have a shoe rack and then a separate bench to sit on to put on your shoes? Get a custom made the bench-shoe rack, as per the size if your doorway which will easily accommodate your shoes and also work well as an extra seat for a couple of people. Place it below your coat hanger in the hallway, and you're good to go. Storage couch: Why waste the precious area occupied by the bulky couch in your drawing room? Get a couch with storage below it  - you can store a hundred things under the couch itself! And it won't even be visible! All the clutter will be tucked safely under your couch. You can also store books below this couch – so yes, you're in for a multipurpose storage compartment! Dining set with ottomans instead of chairs: What good are those chairs –especially when they have no other use apart from sitting on comfortable? Instead, opt for this dining set with ottomans – and these ottomans double up as storage compartments too! Isn’t it wonderful to have a cute dining set that doesn’t even occupy a lot of space? Under-sink storage: Every home has this area, which is totally idle! Reason? How can I use the space below the sink?! Well, you can! Get a custom made rack that perfectly fits below your sink. You can store all your soaps, napkins and other toiletries here! Why let this precious space go unused? There you go – we hope you loved these ideas!

  • Whether your home is big or small, we're all looking out for nooks and corners in our home to implement space-saving ideas! Not only do these ideas save space, but boy, don't they look cool?

    So here we go, with some super space saving ideas for your home!

    The mug hanger: Rather than creating a separate cabinet or those favorite mugs of yours occupying space in the cabinet, create a mug hanger – you're free to make the board as big as you want with as many hooks you require. Hang the mugs in here, and you'll realize how much of space those mugs were occupying in the cabinet! A space-saving idea, there are also great to hang your mugs immediately after you wash them. Kitchen platform extension: You can easily add a roll-out extension below your kitchen platform. This will not only add to workspace but will also double up as a dining table( something which remains to be a dream in small kitchens!) These pull-out platforms can be added anywhere you wish to – if you already have a dining table in your kitchen you could add these extensions to the table too. Vertical bookshelf: Take any empty vertical corner in your home and use it! Don't go for the elaborate book/random artifacts shelf, which is usually horizontal and space-occupying  - pile up your shelf in line with the corner and keep as many things as you want along with space. Design the shelves as per your requirements – extra shelves never go waste – especially of you love hoarding books! Cabinets above washers, dryers: Why waste the space above the washer and dryer – especially if you have front load machines! Use the area to store the clothes you've dried and stored. You could even systematically place all the toiletries there. You could use it for anything you wish to! A quick tip: If you're running out space horizontally, use up space vertically. You've got plenty reaching the ceiling; you can easily use the space for all the cabinets, hangers, shelves you want to add in your home. Also, to make your home look nice and bright, open up the windows, let the light come in! Apart from this, you need to ensure your walls are painted in lighter tones to reflect more light and make the room look bigger and brighter. And yes, don't implement any ideas you randomly see on the internet – check of the idea suits your home and then start off with it.

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